Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hens and Eggs

What can I say? The picture speaks for itself! The hens are so happy that spring has arrived! It sure took it's time and it's not sure if it wants to stay...but for now, the girls happily buzz all over the yard, finding little bugs and digging and scratching the day away.

Everything is green! Blooms arrive on fruit trees, new grass grows frantically, leaf buds uncurl into tiny leaves, tiny flowers are everywhere. The hills are alive! Frogs croak down at the pond. Tadpoles swim in streams and baby salamander eggs float in the scum near the shore.
 proudly strutting

Eggs! The girls are so happy to have fresh food that they are laying more and more eggs. The days get longer...the eggs start popping out! We collect for several days, then we wash them all and store them away, to be used as yummy egg salad, for breakfast meals, or in cakes and pies, or however else you please. These are the best eggs I have ever eaten in my life. It's so hard to buy store-bought after seeing the gorgeous yolks in farm fresh eggs.

freshly washed

Can you guess which are farm fresh? I bet you can! Their rich, dark yolks give them away. These are winter eggs, too! In the spring and summer months, the yolks are even darker! Just another reason to raise your own hens and have fresh eggs....they are so much healthier for you!

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