Thursday, October 23, 2014

Autumn's Chill

Hard to believe that it's nearly November...but the signs are in the air. The fields have recently been harvested of wheat. Billowing dust poured across roads as the combine harvester moved slowly through the tall, waving grasses . Mice scampered from field to meadow, trying to escape the blades. Where we live there are rolling fields all around us...planted yearly with rotating crops of soybean, cotton, corn, wheat, winter wheat and other grains. 

Often-times, if you drive by our house in the early night, you will see a bonfire off in the distance. The bonfire is a time of fun and laughter. We roast marshmallows (or "marshies", as we like to call them) and tell stories and jokes. There is something particularly cozy about snuggling up under jackets near a warm fire, outdoors under a blanket of stars.  Let's see how many we can count. Oh, there's the Little Dipper! The frosty air nips your nose (and sometimes toes) and it's always fun to make spears from long pieces of wood that you have burned the tips off of and gently rubbed until a point has formed.

Hikes are particularly delightful in fall. You can even hike at a brisk pace and feel comfortable. We like to go to state parks for the breath-taking scenery. It doesn't matter what you eat after a long hike...everything tastes wonderful when you have worked so hard to get here!

LBL-Land Between the Lakes


Being out in nature is a balm for the soul. It does my spirit good to sit near a lake or a river, watch the birds flying about or dipping their bills into the water to catch a fish. Big, puffy clouds are always a welcome sight and sunshine is a must. Cool weather, a nice breeze. Quiet. Oh, but to have it all at once.........truly this must be a bit of heaven on earth!

While you sit day-dreaming, you may find yourself surrounded by many friends. If you sit quietly and for a while, you will encounter the most delightful little creatures. If you are loud, the creatures of the forest can hear you from miles away and will leap and bound, to get as far from you as possible. But if you can sneak up upon them, you will startle them and yourself and the surprise and wonder of it all will be an inspiration to your soul!

Crunchy leaves falling down, trampled under foot. Beauty to behold that makes all other seasons envious. A whisper of what's to come stirs the trees. Soon...soon, it will be bitter cold, barren trees and empty woods. The animals will be hiding and we will be indoors, staying warm. But for now, here on the farm, we joyously celebrate the season and all it has to offer. We relish in it's glory. We bask in the last warm rays of the sun, close our eyes to the gentle breeze and sigh with a contentment that only autumn can bring.

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