Tuesday, February 3, 2015

England's Flowers

Happiness Hill is a lovely little place in Tennessee...but I have had my share of adventures and have travelled a little in my life. One of my most bittersweet adventures (for I was not able to take my family with me) was to England. One thing I particularly enjoy is flowers. And boy, does England have flowers!!

A little bit of thistle by the sea (Whitehaven beach)

Taken on a trail walk through the woods (Bicester)

 Lovely to behold (Banbury)

In someone's garden (Chipping Campden)

 Fluffy thistle after a light morning rain (Chipping Campden)

 Water Lilies (Blenheim Palace)

Compound flower (Hill Top Farm)

 The roses where Beatrix Potter lived (Hill Top)

 Manor House

The flower beds at Manor House spelled out the words "Congratulations Prince William and Kate Middleton" for they had just gotten married when I was visiting. I would much rather capture the simple beauty of field flowers but there is something to be said for courtly estates that boast lavish flower beds. They are stunning. 

In my travels through England, it is hard to say what I enjoyed most. Or which place captured my heart the best. I loved the ocean and the wonderful clean smell of salt in the air. I loved the steep hills and winding valleys of Lake District. I enjoyed traipsing on foot through Chipping Campden and Banbury. We had a lovely meal at a restaurant there, where I tasted bread made with lavender for the first time.

The weather of England is interesting. It rains often, light rains almost every day...but never very hard or for very long. At least not while I was there. People are kind and call you "love" or "dear". Markets are bustling and happy. An old man played violin in the center of the street and people rode around on bikes. I imagine I could live there and be perfectly content. 

But alas, I am home here in Tennesee, where my heart resides...where my family and children are. This is where I belong. I am happy I captured these images to pull me back and make my mind wander...to a time and place I will always cherish.

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